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The Dice Game with a Special twist!

What makes Sparkle so Special?

The Special Dice of course!

The Special die gives you more potential to have high-scoring rolls! In some cases, the Special Die can act as a multiplier. In others, an opportunity to extend a roll! No matter what scenario you are in, the Special Die is there to give your score a helping hand!

To see the full range of capabilities the Special Die possesses, be sure to check out the full Scoring Guide down below! 

Basic Rules

Goal of The Game

The goal of Sparkle is to rack up points by rolling the dice to get the highest score you can without busting. Your score every turn gets added together and keeps going until a player reaches 50,000 total points. Once a player passes this mark, the Final Round begins and the next player in rotation becomes the first to roll. After the Final Round is complete, the player with the highest score is declared the winner!

Scoring Guide

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